Putting this project together has been so surreal. This idea is actually turning into something tangible that’s just at my fingertips. The hardest part has been asking for help. Which I feel I’m not very good at. Or I guess you could say I don’t like doing it.  I’ve always thought it was just easier to just do things myself, why bother others. Plus I can be a loner and I like that. And this also means I can do things MY way. I sound like a 5 year old “No, I can do it” trying to tie her shoes. Over the years I’ve learned to open up to others, not be set in stone. Allow for flexibility. Riding my bike has taught me this even more. It’s how you create the ever so magical and epic lady named Flow!! When you let loose, work with the trail and terrain you create this perfect collaboration of awesomeness. Before you know it you have the damn happiest grin on your face.


With metalsmithing it’s the same too. I always had this idea of must haves. The cuff must look like this and has to come out JUST as I want it to. Ha!!! The metal gods like to mess with ya when you have that state of mind!! And the universe for that matter.


When you have a base of what you want and let go with the other stuff it’s amazing what comes of it. Allowing others in to help mold and shape, adding techniques or ideas you never thought of brings depth and substance. I’m enjoying the flow of this project even at times when I’m trying to grip tight with the unknown. Breathe, relax and let go, it’s okay…Alls gonna be rad!!!

To contribute to my campaign please click on the link, the rewards are pretty badass, if I do say so myself!!! And pass along to your facebook friends, bridge club or to the pool boy. Thank you for your continued support with my crazy adventures. Luv it!