Things are full speed ahead with "Case Of The Nomads". This has been an intense and fun experience so far and I haven't even left my house! I've been connecting with so many communities and every day I'm in touch with some other kickass like minded person or community that I didn't even know about.

I'm very excited to add Winnie Kao to my list of stops!!! 


Winnie is the special projects lead at Seth Godin and founder of Lessons Learned, an invite-only event series where smart women share career advice via short stories told live. 


"It’s awesome to hang out with cool people. It’s probably one of my favorite things about life."  

I first came across Winnie through her project #YourTurnChallenge, that pushed you to blog 7 days in a row. I jumped at the chance to join in (which most of you followed, Thank You!!!) What I learned about myself and my writing was more than I could have thought a daily post could bring. Thank you Winnie for such a great challenge and I am so excited to see you in NYC. 

Please check out the other community connecting projects Winnie has her hands on.

Winnie's Blog:
Diamonds and Steak


Give Back

Writing Exchange

Since I'm in the middle of writing my first jewelry design book and have been freelance writing for almost 2 years I thought it would be cool if I gave others my insight into how I got my start and happenings along the way. With this round table discussion, others are encouraged to bring their own thoughts, ideas and questions. There is no fee for the exchange and will take place at the following stops, for now.

  • Seattle
  • Minneapolis
  • Asheville
  • Denton

Traffic Signs

Yesterday I hit a bit of a wall. With lack of sleep, not a day off in sight and filling my plate too full (as usual) I headed to work in a frenzy that could have put any gnarly Nebraskan tornado to shame. As I stormed my way to the freeway I hit the typical LA traffic. Sitting there, watching the cars go by, eagerly awaiting my chance to sneak in my sight went to a guy walking down the street. I ended up just staring at him, for no reason. Then I finally noticed he was having problems walking even with the aide of a walker. I could see his struggle but it didn't take him over. He stopped, took a deep breath, then patiently took one step, then another. After a while he was down the street, making better progress than me. As I sat there taking in his lesson, I decided I needed to let my thoughts of angst go. Take a deep breath then take one step, then another. Pretty damn cool what you can learn when you skew your vision a bit.


I'm in the process of booking workshops, trunk shows, lectures and even a residency at University of North Texas (Thank You Ana, Harlan & James!!!) Everything seems to be coming together.

*Kat Sweet @ Sweetlines Gravity Girls Camp Seattle Washington (guest biker/artist)

* Emily Johnson @ EC Design Minneapolis Minnesota

* Renee Zettle-Sterling SNAG President & Associate Professor at GVSU Allendale Michigan

Josie Smith @ Decorah Bicycles in Decorah Iowa

NC Black Mt Airy North Carolina

-Brigitte Martin Crafthaus Chicago Illinois

Many Many More......Full List here

There are only days left in my campaign, so now is the time to contribute. I know that it's the end of tax season, Yeah, so after you've licked your wounds take a look. Any amount is greatly appreciated. 

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