I’m gonna talk about a very dirty word, this may not be a shock to most of you since I do have a mouth of a sailor but we have to talk about something. Feminism. I never related to this word and it wasn’t until I started this trip that I think I’ve become one or a version of one, by default. 

In the world of mountain biking it’s an issue that I never knew about. The Sweetlines coaches have a time during the all girls camp called ‘girl talk’ where we all sit and talk about boy vs girl toys, photos of female athletes vs male athletes in media and other projections/placement of women. I never looked at this and it sparked something in me. 

I’ve had guys come up to me while camping to make sure I’m okay, they tell me that they notice I’m traveling alone and they advise me that there are creepers out there, so I should be smart and keep safe. Now from a guy’s perspective he’s doing his duty as a man and trying to protect the female, right? The perspective of a woman: you’re the damn creeper; now to be safe I have to leave this site and find a new one to get away from you. 

It came up again when I had coffee with Roz Savage. How woman don’t always own it. That men have no problem saying they are great but woman do. Why is that?  Why do we feel like it’s so bad to think we are so good? Is it something that’s been embed in us for years? We both agreed it’s time for a change!! 

Came across this rad book while in Seattle, I gave it to another awesome female traveler... Connie Mettler.  

Came across this rad book while in Seattle, I gave it to another awesome female traveler...Connie Mettler. 

I met an amazing adventurer who I totally related to. Our lectures are almost parallel with our messages and I was truly inspired by him.  Then he addressed me as gorgeous. Huh….I thought, that’s a compliment, thank you but WTF does it have to do with adventures. Will my good looks get my ass up a mountain faster??? It’s amazing how one word can change it all; he instantly took away my equal status and turned me into a groupy. My initial response to him was to come back with ‘Thanks Sweet Tits”. But I didn’t. 

It even found it’s way into my talk with Winnie Kao in New York, we talked about how men can look at women sometimes like a hunted rabbit. We then thought maybe men have never felt like a rabbit. Maybe you can’t completely understand unless you are a woman and have felt that vulnerable. Maybe men are never able to be rabbits. She also told me that woman won’t apply for a job unless they know they can do 100% of the job description, but men will if they can do 60%. Wow.

So maybe it’s about how we are made up. Maybe woman need to step up and men to be called out. Maybe we need to start being the best selves we can be. Well my solution is to carry my mom dive knife, let India do her job of protecting her human, connect with other rad people and have my other bag of tricks ready to rock & roll. And go with my gut. It’s not bias, wrong or judgmental, it’s always spot on. Maybe with being out in the middle of nowhere I have gone back to my animal/primitive ways of protecting myself. It’s not about feminism it’s about protection. Maybe that’s why I have no problem asserting my dominance as a woman traveling, maybe I have no problem with it because I have no choice. Feminism is no only a dirty word, It’s actually no longer about words, it’s about survival. 

What are you're thoughts???? Do you agree?? Disagree?? Don't care?? I'd like to hear. So email me and share....thanks again for reading!!!!

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