I was looking through some older posts and thought I'd share this oldy but goody with you. Last January I took part in a 7 day blog challenge put on by Winnie Kao, director of Seth Godin altMBA. I expended this challenge to 30 days. I enjoyed snooping through these posts and feel it captures some of my best writing. I hope you enjoy it! If you want to see more posts from the challenge click the link Casey's 30 Day Blog Challenge

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A member of a tribe that roams from place to place seeking pasture for its animals. A wander.


A man who tends sheep while at pasture. To guide or direct.

 I find this ironic. I’m a Sheppard and in a few months I will become a Nomad. It seems that I will guide myself directly into a life of wandering.

So how does one become a nomad? Will I come by it naturally because I’m a Sheppard? In the alchemist, Santiago was a shepherd who possesses a jacket, a book and a flock of sheep. Got it, I’ll pick the alchemist as my book, of course, my Beast sweatshirt for my jacket since its super warm and has a hood and do you think India would get pissed if I cover her in fluffy cotton, change her name to Babs and herd her around? Okay….yeah…next.

I’ve been watching a lot of ocean voyage documentaries/movies and I’m reading the second Roz Savage book about her rowing across the Pacific Ocean. Maybe I should get a row boat and row across the US. Yeah, there isn’t enough water in the LA River to get me anywhere, let alone outta LA. Plus the Midwest would be a bitch. Try again.

In the movie Hidalgo, Viggo races across the sea of fire on his faithful friend and horse to beat them all and win the title. This might be doable since India kind of looks like a horse but I’d have to carry her after about 5 minutes in the desert heat and she’s too damn big to carry 3000 miles. Uhhh, no.

Maybe the key to becoming a nomad is just that, becoming a nomad. Sticking to what drives you and seeing where the adventure will take you.


Sooooo…a few of you have been asking how you can help.  People are reaching out and wanting to buy me ice or a night at a campsite. Thank you!! If you would like to help out you can send your ducats through:

My Donations Page on this website

PayPal : caseofthenomads (at) gmail (dot) com or Venmo : @kclshep
-A bag of ice is $2.00
-Loaf of Gluten Free Bread $4.00
-Night of Camping $10.00-$25.00
-India’s Dog food for the week $10
-Tank of Gas for Jones $40
I’ll be sure to give you a super charged damn rad shout out on my blog/social media. Thanks Y’all for helping support me on my adventure!! I am floored by how helping even strangers are to a girl, her dog, bike and jones!! Makes this one humble and grateful!!! 


Please check out this beautiful slideshow of killer photography taken at this years Burning Man by my friend and member of the Los Angeles Adventures Club Shane Berry. 


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