Minneapolis is home to a jewelry community unlike any other. It’s where makers meet to discuss issues with each other’s businesses, where techniques are exchanged and where advise is ping-ponged around all while drinking classically delicious cocktails. One of the houses among this killer community is Quench Jewelry Arts

I was introduced to Sarah Sitarz, the mastermind behind Quench, at the Minneapolis SNAG conference (once a year event where metalsmiths gather, connect and geek out for a week) but it wasn’t until the Boston SNAG conference that we would connect and decided to work together. Quench would become a host for my “Gun Street Girl” cold connection workshop. I was excited but totally unaware of the awesomeness I was about to experience. 

The workshop filled, fast, thanks to Sarah’s persistence and hard ass work. Before I knew it I was rolling into Minneapolis, ready to rock with the workshop. Sarah and I meet up the day before so I could check things out at the center. Wow! That’s all I can say, Wow!! Sarah saw that the community was lacking a center for people to gather and learn about the jewelry arts. Even though Sarah’s own jewelry business was flying high with success she decided to take a leap and opened Quench. What a fantastic twirling leap it was which you can see in the set up at Quench, it’s perfect. Sarah knows exactly what’s needed to create and get up into some metal. 

And the workshop was a blast! The studio was buzzing with exciting students learning, a boxer dog (India of course) snoring on the coach and a super ecstatic teacher (me) running around in almost flowing dance moves to help guide the new talent.  I was so taken with the community that filled the room; this was all because of Quench and Sarah’s endless love to give. I felt damn lucky to witness this moment that is the structure of this amazing jewelry arts center.

I would end up spending a week in Minneapolis, dialing into the other jewelers around town. Over and over I was taken by how connected this vast city is. I luv it!!!  Here’s a little insight into only a few of the artists in the area, there are sooo many more!!!!

Left to Right : Betty Jager at 3jagdesignsEmily Johnson at EC DesignLindsey Locatelli at Wazo Designs, Danny Saathoff

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