Queens of the Neighborhood

When I'm out on the road, all alone, I sometimes need a friend. Someone that just understands me, my struggles, my gains, my life. Someone that I can sing with, at the top of my lungs mimicing the howls of the wild night. That's where music comes into play.

With my eyes open to the importance of rebel girls (thanks to bikini kill AND the road) I've created a top 10 of my fav badass, punk rock, rebellious, lovely, vivacious, in your face, empowering, pissed off, amazing female songs that bring life to my heart as I travel through this crazy thing called life!!! 


10. "Disco//Very" by Warpaint

This song is a perfect low-key yet peppy trans-dancing song to enhance your magical stargazing experience while traveling alone in the desert

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9. "The Beigeness" by Kate Tempest

Don't let her innocence fool you. This brit rapper brings her unique style mixed with a strong feminine flair that makes her totally badass.

lesbians on x.jpg

8. "The Pleasure Principle" by Lesbians on Ecstacy

This canadian electopunk reminds me of the 'good 'ol' days of highschool rebellion. 


7. "Bad Girls" by MIA

There is NOTHING like hitting the MTB trail with some MIA blasting. She can't help but make you feel like the biggest badass round!!!! 

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6. "Typical Girls" by The Slits

Typical Girls very much represents the essence of this groundbreaking all female punk band from the late 70's. 

pussy riot.jpg

5. "Make America Great Again"  by Pussy Riot

On the surface, this politically charged song sets the tone of seduction. The lyrics, the video, the message are all hard to swallow which makes this song imperative for our current times, especially if you are a female. 


4. "The Fox" by Sleater-Kinney

This song FUCKING ROCKS! That pretty much sums it up and this inspiring Riot Grrrls band. 


3. "ShitList" by L7

Growing up in the early 90's I am a lover of grunge and punk, L7 brings it....hardcore! I can't help but scream out this song with full on female power and a bit of flying spit!!!

bikini kill.jpg

2. "Rebel Girl"

by Bikini Kill

Rebel Girl brings love, life, punkness to my heart making me jump wildly in the woods, city, WORLD shooting (beyond all decibels) I Taste the REVOLUTION!!! 

patti smith.jpg

1.  "Gloria"

by Patti Smith

I couldn't imagine taking to the road, on a life quest, without the strength of this legendary punk who paved the way for so many others. Patti's soothing voice creeps into my spirit which is overtaken with her poetic words of an outcast. 

Download the entire playlist here:

Top 10 Rebel Girl Songs for Every Nomad

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