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Tour Aotearoa

"Tour Aotearoa is one of the world's great bikepacking trips: stretching 3,000km from Cape Reinga to Bluff it follows a combination of cycle trails, tracks, plaths and lanes connected by the most enjoyable country roads available."

Tour Aotearoa Website

In February 2018, Casey will be taking part in the epic bikepacking event, which will take her 30 days to complete. It's a completely self-supported tour crossing both islands of New Zealand. Casey is currently seeking corporate and private sponsors to work with that share her philosophies. If you are wanting to be a positive change and make some ripples in the world then connect Casey. 

AIDS Lifecycle 2014

AIDS Lifecycle 2014

Casey road 545 miles in 7 days and raised $3k for the 2014 AIDS Lifecycle. During the ride from San Fransisco to Los Angeles, Casey enjoyed the breathtaking California natural beauty of the coast. Along the way each pit stop was filled with motivating Drag Shows that helped to lift riders road beaten souls. The most memorable moment were the miles of endless strangers standing road side in support. They held signs of thank you along with pictures of their loved ones that either have lost or in the mist of this battle that affects us all. This epic event humbled Casey along with fueling her desire to push herself and help others.  


SSAZ 'DFL' 2015

After 11 hours of epic single track in Cave Creek Arizona, Casey finished ladies 'Dead Fucking Last' in 2015's SSAZ. This was her first single speed event. 

Bike Camping

Solo Bike Camping

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Van Life

Van Life


Casey Sheppard created Case of the Nomads, which was a year long US tour to connect communities. Living in Jones...Full of Grace, a live/work space, which is a converted Ford Transit Connect mini cargo van. India the adventure dog and Casey left Los Angeles on July 1st 2015 with the plan to end up back in California by late August early September 2016. They traveled to different cities/towns to check things out and visited with locals, connecting with art, bikes and more! This is a recap of their year on the road which has now led to a new lifestyle. BTW, Casey still lives in her van traveling in search of new adventures and living the simple life.
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"Get Lost, Do Art" COTNs Residency


Spend 7 days off the grid with Nomadic Artist Casey Sheppard in Southern California at Joshua Tree National Park. Casey has lived the nomad life since July 2015 in her converted van, spending much time away from society which has greatly influenced her as a maker, artist and person. The purpose of this residencies is to allow artists the opportunity to explore limitations as creative outlets, learn how to use less, to connect with nature and to become exposed to the minimalist lifestyle. Resident will stay in a tent at a primitive campsite with Casey and India. We will bring in/out all necessities along with trash. Time will be spent in the back country hiking, exploring, spending time getting lost (figuratively) in nature and creating. Tent (Big Agnes), sleeping bag, pillow, lights, camp stove (BioLite), water, sunscreen and transportation to campsite are provided. Resident may only bring a small bag NO LARGER than a carry on : 10" D x 16" W x 24" L and must pay for their own travel to Joshua Tree or Palm Springs, California, food for a week and provide any materials wanted/needed. Please be minimal, the point of this residency is to push yourself as an artist and human with using less. Cell phones may or may not work and charging of devices will be limited. Prepare yourself for separation from your phone, social media and FaceBook. Don't worry, you can post all you want when you get home! Casey is also CPR/First Aide certified. And be prepared for a fun, exciting and new adventure!!!

Selection Process :

One person will be selected for this residency by Casey. Selection will be made without regard to race, religion, gender, marital status, or age; however, applicants must possess the ability, skills and experience to fully participate in the back country and desert. Newbies are welcome to apply but must be physically and mentally welcoming to new adventures and experiences. 

Chosen applicant agrees to make available their photos taken during the residency for use by Case of the Nomads and Casey Sheppard also allowing the use of their bio/photos/statement and other materials to be used for online features, social media and/or other uses.

Requirements :

Dropbox the following :

  • Current Bio/CV 
  • Artist Statement (500 words MAX)
  • Short paragraph on why you want to go off the grid (500 words MAX)
  • 5 Photos Current Work : label each photo with last name and title of work : ex. LastnameTitle.jpg Image size : 72 dpi, 10 inches longest side
  • 5 Writing Samples (5 pages MAX) Writers/Poets ONLY

Dropbox to :

Additional Requirements :

  • Must be over 18 years old 
  • All mediums (Writers/Designers/Chefs/etc) and all levels welcome (Students/Professionals/Novices/Professors/Retirees/etc)
  • Camping experience is not required by an open mind is must!
  • Must be okay with a large dog since India the Adventure dog (boxer) will be along for the 7 days!
  • Residency only open to chosen applicant, so sorry, no spouses, children or pets are allowed, thank you.

Dates :

  • Application Due Date : January 25th 2017
  • Notification : February 14th 2017
  • Residency Date/Length : March 29th - April 4th 2017  :  7 Days 

Checklist :

  1. Dropbox to

    1. Bio/CV
    2. Statement
    3. Short Paragraph
    4. 5 Photos (required dimensions) 
  2. Application Fee Paid
  3. Pat yourself on the back!!! Nicely done!

Please do NOT forget anything, anything missing from applications will not be reviewed! So please double check!

Questions : Contact Casey directly with any questions